Project model


The intention is to take this same project to different parts of the world to generate more collaboration, works, dialogue, enjoyment, recognition and solidarity around water in the world. H20xo will be adapted to a different title for each new cycle, e.g. H20p, H20Body, H20(its_title).

Each project cycle requires:

- a photographer

- body performers - dancers or actors

- musicians

- a stylist/designer

- unx realizadorx

- an artistic director

- technical support

- a sponsor space


The first image is a portrait of the primus gestu. The primus gestu is a posture that illustrates an everyday, elementary or symbolic relationship with water. 

This photo starts a chain of artistic collaborations, beginning between the photographer and the body performer(s). The original gesture and the way the photo is captured is the starting point that begins the chain of artistic collaborations that make up the H20xo process.


With the first image of the original Gesture we extend the invitation through social networks to an audience to give a title to the photo. From each title offered, a complete choreography will be born, composed of new gestures coming from the titles offered by the public. This exchange transforms the public itself into an artistic collaborator. 


After having all the titles from the audience, the construction of the choreography starts. 

The performers weave the sequence of their titles in the form of a score or a psychomagical story and act, and begin to embody it. The choreography will be embodied in the sound architecture of the music in the form of a song on the water.


The process ends up in the hands of a filmmaker who creates a video clip with the aesthetic support of the stylist, bringing together dance and music. The dance is filmed in the performer's local landscape and serves as a background that feeds the artists and gives geographical and social evidence of the presence or lack of water.


Each cycle of H20xo opens with an exhibition of all the works from the previous cycles, promoting these artists and spaces in each new place in the world where H20xo will take place.