H20xo is a multidisciplinary project at local, regional and international level, bringing together professionals in the fields of body theatre, dance, music, photography and video, with the aim of generating creative processes that stimulate a reflection on water. 

H20xo, is proposed through laboratories focused on body work, which seek to identify our postures in relation to the presence of water in our lives. 

These creative laboratories are realised in collaboration with local artists and with the participation of an international audience, so that each work is inspired and guided by a dynamic process of feedback between audience and artist.

The project generates multiple exhibition works and a shared reflection with the community on the importance of water as a transversal element that links us all.


Raising awareness of our relationship with water

How can we take advantage of and care for the element that gives life to our blue planet?

and learn about the historical and current indigenous relationship with water and the indigenous stories of each artist's region, as well as the current state of water use and treatment. 


what the corporeality of water is and how it manifests itself in its different forms: elemental, corporal and symbolic.


of encounter and dialogue
multi-generational and cultural, on issues related to the body and water.


  • a photography exhibition 
  • a choreography 
  • an artefact of the process  
  • a video clip reinterpreting the choreography with a song related to the water theme.


people locally and globally to nurture and encourage the realisation of this project.


the work of the artists linked to H20xo and the sponsoring space.


* DAY 0

The term "zero day" refers to the expected date when the free supply of water ends in a city due to water stress. 

In 2018 we saw the arrival of day zero in the City of Cape Town in South Africa, where its depletion caused a drastic change in the relationship between the population and its water (

The zero "0" marks the neutral point, a bridge between positive(+) and negative(-). If we consider that zero serves as a symbolic bridge between the possibility of having free access to water or receiving a ration, how can we use this turning point to re-orient our progress in our favour?

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